This is a test FAQ page. It is not currently viewable to other users unless they type in the exact page address.

Faq 1: How do I search this page?

PC – Hit CTRL+F and type in your word/phrase into the box that pops up.

Android – Go to the menu for your brower(usually 3 lines or dots) and select “find in page”, click that and type your search.

Iphone/Pad – Click the “share icon”(square with an up arrow), in the bottom menu scroll left till you see “Find of Page”, click that and type your search.

Faq 2: Why is this page so cool?
Answer: Cause George?

Faq 3: Is this searchable?
Answer: I hope so, see above instructions.

Faq 4: Pictures?

Faq 4: How long did this take?
Answer: About 15 Minutes.

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