Answers to Some Common Questions

How do I get into the clubhouse rooms?

Use the Smart Key that was provided to you upon registration check-in. Your Smart Key allows you access to all public rooms except the Owners Lounge, the Business Offices and the Post Office; however, the Ceramics Workshop and the Jewelry Workshop are open only when an authorized monitor is present. Contact Activity Department for information.

How do I contact Security if I need to?

In case of an Emergency, always dial 911 first; state the nature of your emergency and state your address and site number. Then contact The Palms Security on 928 502 0969.

The Palms RV Resort, 3400 South Avenue 7E, Site # ___________

Where is the ice machine?

Ice is available at the Cabana during normal hours of operation.

Where do I get change for the washing machines and dryers?

There is a bill changer located in the Laundry Room along with vending machines for sodas and laundry products.

Where are the trash dumpsters located?

They are located on north side of the clubhouse building. Bagged trash is picked up from your lot Mondays & Thursdays.

Where are the showers located?

Spacious shower suites are located north of the tennis courts and are open 24/7. Additional showers are located off the hallway between the Ballroom and the Activity Office. You may enter the hallway from the north side of the clubhouse or from the poolside patio. Outdoor pool showers are located inside the fenced pool patio area. Shower before swimming.

Where can I go to send/receive a fax?

You may send and receive faxes at the Lot Owners Association Office north of the Discovery Center. There is a charge for this service.

During what hours is the Registration Office Open?

The registration office (Discovery Center) is open Monday through Friday from 9:00/Noon and from 1:00/3:30 pm.

How do I turn on my cable service?

Plug and play.

How do I access internet while I am at The Palms?

See instruction pamphlet in your arrival packet.

Where do I pay my electric bill?

Transact your payment in the Discovery Center Office by cash, check or credit card during the hours of 9:00/Noon and 1:00/3:30.

How do I get propane service?

You may call any of several vendors of your choice; however, Cactus Propane 928 342 6683 visits on a regular schedule. For service obtain a placard from Security and place it in the window of your vehicle.

What is the schedule for washing my rig and/or my vehicles?

Self washing is restricted to Tuesdays. Approved and registered vendors may wash on any day except Sunday.

Where can I walk my pet? Where is my pet not allowed to be?

Pets must be on a leash at all times. You must pick up and properly dispose of pet waste immediately. There are two grassy, fenced exercise areas where dogs may be off leash. The Santiago Park near the Front Gate is for large/medium dogs. The Jasmine Park in the northwest corner is for small dogs. You may walk your pet on a leash on the streets, but you may not enter the clubhouse or courtyard with the exception that leashed pets may accompany you to the Mailboxes.

Where do I put outgoing mail?

Deposit by 8:30 am Monday/Saturday in the box on the wall outside the LOA Office.

I’m leaving very early in the morning. How do I check-out?

1) Forty-eight hours before your departure pay your electric bill; 2) twenty-four hours before your departure return your mailbox key to the Discovery Center and make your reservation for another fun-filled season; 3) as you leave the park, drop off your Smart Keys at the Security Post.

When may I display flags?

Pursuant to our Rules and Regulations it is not permitted to display on individual lots flags representing any nations or states including the US flag except in observance of a special holiday and in such cases for no longer than 48 hours. We appreciate your compliance. In addition, please note that no banners or team pennants may be displayed.

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