Pet Friendly

Over 95% of the Baby Boomers vacationing in the Southwest have pets. Dogs and cats make up the majority of the boomers travel companions with a splash of birds and an occasional rabbit. In Yuma because of the shortage of veterinarians, travelers to this area that need a vet but have not established a vet relationship soon find that they have no access to a vet clinic when there is an emergency for their pet. The Palms RV Resort is a pet friendly community that welcomes all friendly pets as long as they truly are friendly. The majority of our winter vacationing guests will have pets and will need a relationship with a local reputable vet. Below is the beginning of a list of local veterinarian and other pet services:

Arizona West Veterinarian Clinic

2679 E. County 14th Street
Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: 928-344-5919

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