2017-03-05 Spittin Image – Dessert Concert

2017-03-05 Spittin Image - Dessert ConcertSpittin’ Image – Dessert Concert
Sunday, March 5th 6:30PM – Only $20.95 per seat!
The show’s over, folks! This concert has already past.  🙂
Stay tuned for our next season’s concert series!

With mega hits from Broadway, cool Pops, hot Jazz and stunning Classical favorites mixed with their sophisticated style, witty humor and extraordinary talent Dunlap and Pennington receive reviewer accolade, standing ovations and fans around the world. These accolades include “Stunning Artistry”, “Fantastic”, “Gorgeous”. Also “This Show is a Hit” and “Breathtakingly Beautiful”, “These guys make Liberace look tame!”. “Take your kids! Take your parents! Take your friends and neighbors…You won’t regret it”.

Spittin’ Image are identical twin brothers who love to sing and play their instruments as much as they love to entertain an audience. They intertwine wonderful vocal ability with excellent musicianship, and mix it all with comedy, audience participation, in a high energy show. Top 40 and classic country mixed with classic rock and roll is the music they love to perform. But, the twins also enjoy singing gospel and pop standards from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Spittin’ Image are two of the most versatile, fun-loving, enthusiastic performers you’ve ever seen. With extensive and outstanding musical skills and a terrific variety of fine-tuned comedy routines, Spittin’ Image will surprise and delight you.



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